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Focus China

Client Overview: Established in 1996, Focus Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 002315 /hereinafter called the “Focus Tech") has emerged as a leading Internet carrier in China. The company has received many national honors for its pioneering research on e-commerce. Focus Tech was recognized as a key software enterprise in the national planning layout, one of the national first batch of informationization pilot enterprises, one of the demonstration enterprises with deep integration of informationization and industrialization, one of the national first batch of e-commerce demonstration city pilot enterprises, one of the model enterprises of e-commerce initiatives approved by the Commerce Department.

Focus Tech has always been committed to deep integration of the internet and traditional industries. By introducing internet respectively into foreign trade, insurance, corporate procurement, medical and other fields. Focus Tech successfully developed the following products:,,, and inQbrands.

Focus Technology offers two core products and services: and China Manufacturing Network. is a globally renowned B2B e-commerce platform that serves as an efficient trade bridge between global buyers and Chinese suppliers. The China Manufacturing Network focuses on providing global online marketing and foreign trade services to Chinese manufacturing enterprises, helping them expand into international markets. Focus Technology holds a significant market position in the B2B e-commerce sector, serving as a crucial platform for SMEs to engage in international trade. Its representative clients include many well-known manufacturing and trading companies, with millions of registered users on its platforms. Through continuous optimization of platform features and services, Focus Technology enhances user experience and promotes the globalization of SMEs. As a key player in China's B2B e-commerce sector, Focus Technology actively promotes international strategies and establishes extensive partnerships with major global trade institutions and business platforms. By collaborating with internationally renowned exhibitions and industry associations, Focus Technology continues to expand its influence in the global market, attracting numerous international buyers and suppliers.

Pain Points: Focus Technology has extensive overseas operations, with eight data centers worldwide storing overseas data. The company primarily uses Oracle and MySQL databases, along with SQL Server, MongoDB, and cloud databases from Alibaba and Amazon RDS. To accommodate its development architecture needs, the company has introduced MyCat for horizontal scaling and read-write separation, with over 400 developers requiring access to production data. Management is conducted through a combination of bastion hosts and an internally developed approval system. Developers must first apply for a work order through the approval system, which is then reviewed by a DBA. Once approved, they can access the production data through the database client on the bastion host. The large number of daily work orders often overwhelms the approval personnel, leading to a cumbersome and inefficient approval process. Additionally, due to the large number of developers, there are queues to use the bastion host, and the experience of operating the database client through the bastion host is poor. The bastion host accounts generally have broad permissions that do not meet the need for fine-grained control, and data masking requirements are not fulfilled. Security risks are also a concern, as violations can only be traced retrospectively, not intercepted in real time, leading to several data security incidents.

Benefits: By deploying the SQLDev solution, Focus Technology has achieved a unified and easily managed database access tool. This tool supports Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, and cloud databases from Alibaba and Amazon RDS. Through centralized management, administrators can clearly understand which team members are handling specific instances and queries. Dynamic data masking and real-time violation interception ensure data security, preventing sensitive information leaks. The web-based client improves the efficiency and experience of development and operations personnel, while reducing the complexity and cost of the approval process. Real-time monitoring and interception of unauthorized actions ensure compliance and security, with detailed audit logs providing accountability. SQLDev’s powerful SQL editor allows developers to easily create, save, and share queries, accelerating troubleshooting and problem resolution, thereby helping to meet SLA commitments effortlessly.

The SQLDev system has demonstrated significant performance and stability advantages, operating reliably for four years with an average of 200 real-time online users per single system. Overall, the SQLDev system is fast and reliable, fully meeting the needs of Focus Technology and significantly enhancing data access management and operational efficiency.